Different Types of Injuries Resulting From Auto Accidents

Car Accident Injuries happen more than you might think. People go into a state of shock after an accident and might think that their injury is not that serious. After all, they are able to get out of the car and walk around. The fact is that the driver might suffer an injury.

Different Types of Injuries Resulting From Auto Accidents

They simply do not realize the extent or seriousness of their injury. Personal injury attorneys estimate that about six million accidents happen in the country each year. Those car accidents cost in the billions. Close to three million of those people involved in accidents received injuries. About two million of those in accidents suffer permanent injuries. Let’s take a look at a few common car accident injuries.

Types of car accident injuries

Brain Trauma – The head is a loose cannon in the typical car accident. The driver bangs their head against the steering wheel. A flying object hits the driver in the head and causes a severe head injury. This happens all the time. Often, there are no signs of a head trauma or severe injury, and the driver might assume that they are in good shape. The fact is that the driver might have suffered a severe injury to the brain.

Commonly, the neck is one of the areas that suffer damage in a car accident. We’ve all heard about cases filed over whiplash suffered in an automobile accident. The neck area is very vulnerable and could easily suffer a number of mild to severe injuries in a car accident.  Those involved in car accident injuries complain about severe injuries to the back area. Injuries to the back are very serious and should not be taken lightly. The injuries cause severe pain and limit the individual’s mobility. This might result in them missing work and losing money because of the debilitating injury.

The facial area is also very vulnerable in a car accident. A person might hit the steering wheel, flying objects might hit the face, or the airbag might cause an injury, flying glass might cut the face, or the person might go through the windshield. Injuries to the face cause physical and emotional problems for the individual. Internal injuries occur in many accidents. Most legal professionals or personal injury lawyers are aware of cases where the person did not realize the severity of their injuries until they had a thorough exam and internal x-rays. Then they discovered that they suffered broken ribs, injuries to the spine, spleen or bowels. Internal injuries are serious and could be very life threatening. Certainly, internal injuries require immediate medical treatment.

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