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How to Get the Best European Car Breakdown Cover

The best insurance breakdown plan is one that suits individual needs. But what strategies can the driver use to find this perfect European car insurance?

How to choose the best European breakdown cover
European Breakdown Cover

Taking the time to select the right car breakdown cover is crucial when planning a long car journey through Europe, as many things can go wrong. Sadly, the increasing volume of holiday traffic in Europe means that accidents are more frequent than twenty years ago. The prospect of driving through a strange country may spur the driver into purchasing unnecessary cover, which will inflate the price. The best car breakdown service is one that suits individual needs and nothing more. Reading the small print and clarifying unclear points with the insurance company will guard against choosing an insurance policy that does not deliver when breakdown does occur. Read also: Buying a No Deposit Car Insurance Policy.

How to Choose the Best Breakdown Cover for a Holiday

Types of European car insurances available include European breakdown cover, EU auto recovery and cover provided by a reputable UK car insurance company such as the RAC or the AA. Most provide essential cover, such as overnight accommodation whilst the car is being repaired and transportation of the broken down car back to the UK. When purchasing car insurance for a European holiday, the following extras will need consideration:

  • Does the insurance holder require breakdown at home, for instance if the car will not start at the beginning of the car journey?
  • Is the cover required for the car, or the driver? The former will insure any driver using the car; the latter provides cover regardless of the vehicle used, which might come in useful if the driver intends to use other vehicles. In some cases, both types of cover might be required.
  • Insurance that provides an overnight stay in accommodation should breakdown occur far from the destination.
  • The possibility of purchasing annual cover if several European holidays are to be taken.
  • If the car is relatively new, has a good track record and will be used for one short holiday, the driver may consider whether foreign travel insurance is worth the expense.

Car Insurance for Special Needs

Spending a few extra pennies on holiday car insurance might be worth it if any of the passengers have special needs or who are vulnerable. Receiving priority treatment when breaking down could prove crucial regarding:

  • The elderly.
  • Young children, particularly babies.
  • Recent mothers.
  • Those who suffer medical conditions.

Reading the small print is vital to check if there are exclusions such as:

  • If the car is more than ten years old.
  • If there is an upper limit to the cost of repairs and parts.
  • If there is an upper limit on the number of times the insured can make a claim or use the callout service during the trip.

Save Money on Hidden Extras on Foreign Car Insurance

Of course, using compare European breakdown cover sites is crucial when trying to save money on a family holiday, but it is worth checking out more than one. Avoiding unnecessary cover is also crucial to saving money. This means getting an insurance policy tailored to fit the individual. The size of the car will also affect the price. Those who wish to make further savings on holiday car insurance may consider downsizing to a smaller car, if a range rover, estate or van insurance is superfluous to requirement. Read also: Car Hire Excess Insurance: How do Rental Excess Policies Work?

Secrets to Get Cheap Holiday Car Insurance

Haggling is a worthwhile strategy as insurance companies are desperate for custom. The following may result in a lower quote:

  • Get savvy about car insurance prices via comparison sites or screenscraping services and playing one insurer against the other. Print quotes if haggling in the high street.
  • Ask for free extras to be thrown in with the deal.
  • Resist the temptation to fill silences. Some salesmen will fill awkward silences with a cheaper offer.
  • If the holiday happens to be off-season, such as a break to the Mediterranean in the Autumn, insurance companies are likely to be more desperate for custom.
  • Don’t be afraid to desert if the quote is not good enough.
  • Never haggle aggressively, but to retain politeness throughout.

Which is the Best European Motor Breakdown Cover?

Tailoring the insurance to individual needs is the key to getting the right European breakdown recovery service. This means avoiding superfluous cover that may inflate prices. However a little extra may be necessary for vulnerable passengers. Haggling is a good strategy for getting quotes down, armed with knowledge from good comparison sites. Ultimately, the avoidance of unecessary cover is the key to getting cheap car cover for European travel.


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