Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

New York (NY) is surely one of the busiest states of the US and several auto accidents are reported from the NY region every day. The National Highway Safety Administration, NHSTA, released a report that an accident takes place every 10 seconds somewhere in the US.

Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

There are various known causes of car accidents which includes – negligence by drivers, drinking under influence (DUI), driving dangerously or driving while being under the influence of banned and lethal drugs. Read also: A Reliable Car Accident Lawyers In Colorado.

Long Island Car Accident Lawyer

In few cases, there are no physical injuries but if you suffered damages to your car then you should file a compensation claim for the same. Although it is a slow process but you will be reimbursed for repairs to your car. In case you have sustained physical injuries while being in a car accident (owing to the negligence of other drivers), you should gear yourself up for a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver or any other person/authority responsible for accidents and injuries.

Various fatal car accidents involve heavy vehicle like trucks or tractor trailers. Some car accident victims recover from their injuries but in most cases, victim injuries tend to get serious and can result in fatal personal injuries. There are several cases where car accident victims receive fatal injuries which result in their death. Read also: Florida Car Accidents Lawyer.

If you are planning to file personal injury compensation or claim within New York State then you should follow these steps as these simple steps can help you get compensation for your injuries in the event of a car accident.

  • Finding the extent of accident injuries or damages – You must maintain your composure if you were involved in a car accident. Instead of losing your calm, your focus should be to perceive the damages first. If anyone is seriously hurt (including the driver at-fault) then seek medical help urgently. If any pedestrian was injured in the car accident then your top priority should be to give immediate medical aid to victims of an accident. You must call an ambulance or state police in the event of an auto accident. Read also: Helping Those Injured In Los Angeles Car Accidents.

  • File an accident report with the New York Police – You must file an accident report with the NY Police. Make sure to retain a copy of the same and if you were not at fault then make sure never to admit any fault of liability for the accident. And, if anybody else was responsible then it should be immeditately reported to the police.

  • Call an experienced Long Island Car accident lawyer – Your Long Island, NY Car accident lawyer will help you file the accident injury lawsuit and your car accident attorney will improve the chances of getting compensation claim for accident injuries from the negligent individual or authority. There are various cases where your lawsuit can get quite complicated. For example, if you found that the malfunctioning traffic signal was solely responsible for the car accident, then the NYS Authorities are liable for these injuries. You must discuss your case with your accident attorney to guide you on how to pursue your case. Read also: Prison Time for Missouri DUI Accident Drivers.

  • Collecting all the necessary facts about the accident – You must collect all details like names, addresses and contact numbers of everyone involved in any accident. You should also make sure to write down the car description, license plate number and the vehicle identification number. Insurance firms only record the vehicle type or the vehicle identification number, and as such, it is important to document these details.

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