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St. Louis car accident injuries and seat belts

If the Police Report Says My Husband Wasn’t Wearing a Seat Belt, Is my Missouri Accident Case Over?

st. louis car accident injuries and seat belts

Not necessarily. It is not always clear what has truly happened after an accident. In some instances, it may look as if the driver was not wearing a seat belt. If the seat belt was defective, however, it may have come off during the accident, leading to the death of the driver. Read also: The Best Tips on Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer.

An auto defect is usually the result of a manufacturing error within your car. It is important to remember that there are two parts to every accident. The first part of the accident has to do with the actual collision. The second part, however, is what happens inside the car during the collision. Often, it is this part of the accident where defects inside the car show themselves. If, for instance, the seat belt in the car had malfunctioned, the injuries sustained from the accident may be partly or totally the result of that defect.

You see haunting fatal car accident statistics everyday about the dangers of driving without a seat belt on-but it seems that the media has forgotten something just as newsworthy: the amount of car crash deaths attributed to a defective car. Read also: Things to Ensure Before Taking The Services of Car Accident Lawyer.

That is why it is essential to keep the car for proper inspection after an accident. Not everything is as it seems when it comes to St. Louis car accident injuries. It is always best to contact a St. Louis car accident or accident claim attorney experienced in auto defects to truly understand what may have happened during an accident and how you can go about getting an accident settlement that will truly provide help with your medical bills, replace your lost wages, and help you get back on your feet.


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