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6 Popular car insurance myths unveiled

The problem about these car insurance stories is that many people learn that they’re not true the hard way, when trying to make a claim after an accident, for example. In order to prevent you from making the same mistake and risking to be mislead by these myths, we’ve debunked some of the most popular misconceptions about car insurance. Read also: Myths about car insurance debunked.

Popular car insurance myths unveiled

Comprehensive insurance covers all situations

While comprehensive insurance protects you from all kinds of damage of your car, including natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes, theft, vandalism, fire and so on, it doesn’t protect you from the one single most common case of damage – car crashes. That’s right, if you only get comprehensive insurance, in case of a collision you won’t get a cent. Which is why there’s collision insurance that takes care of your car in case of collision, as well as liability insurance that covers damage to other vehicles or property and medical expenses if anyone was injured by your fault.

A new car is automatically covered by previous insurance

False. Your car insurance company has no idea that you got a new car unless you notify them, and you usually have a time limit of 30 days to do so in order to transfer the policy from your old car to the new one. Many drivers don’t know about this and risk losing the insurance policy just because they were misinformed. Read also: How claims adjusters determine the value of cars.

A 2 door car insurance is more expensive than for a 4 door

This is another popular myth that comes from another myth that sports car drivers are more reckless and accident prone than others, which would make sense for the insurance rates of these kinds of cars to go up. The truth is that there are no facts to support this claim, and you can ask with any car insurance company and make sure they don’t charge extra for cars with 2 doors.

If you move, your car insurance rates stay the same

Unfortunately not. It depends a lot on where are you planning to move, but in some cases you might get lucky and end up paying less than you did for the insurance.

A speeding ticket increases the insurance rates

While it’s true that keeping a clean record keeps the rates lower, having only one ticket usually has no effect on the price of your car insurance. Most insurance companies take two and more speeding tickets into account, but it usually depends on a large number of factors altogether. For example, they will want to know how much did you overstep the speed limit, and your overall driving experience and the time you spent insured with the company will also affect the final rate price. Read also: How you can get your claims process in your favor.

Cheaper cars cost lest to insure

This one is also very popular, but unfortunately far from the truth. If you have an old model with a big engine or big dimensions, you might end up paying more than you would for a newer model that’s smaller in size.


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