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How to get discounts on your car insurance


Here are a few steps you can take which will contribute to lowering your risk of an accident and keeping you and your family safe:

  • Always obey the speed limit and the traffic laws.
  • Purchase a vehicle rated high in passenger safety.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your vehicle.
  • Always use the highest-rated child seat and install properly.
  • Take a defensive driving course.
  • Require a teenager to practice in all types of weather conditions and to drive many more hours than required by law before obtaining a license. Read also: Finding The Cheapest Insurance Rates.

Are there discounts on insurance?

The following are some discounts that can help lower your premium, if applicable:

Good Driver Programs usually apply to drivers who have not had a ticket in 36 months and have been accident-free for 5 years. Inquire of your insurance professional if his company offers such a discount.

Multi-car Discounts can greatly reduce premiums as you will receive a lower rate on each automobile. If you have cars insured with separate companies, consider consolidating so that you can obtain this substantial discount.

55 and Over Discounts – These people are rated as safer drivers and have shown their expertise over the years. This has earned them a lower rate. Read also: Finding auto insurance when you rent a vehicle.

Driver Training Discounts are available to those under 21 who have met the specific requirements for this discount.

Defensive Driving Discounts are available to those who have successfully completed the course. This is a relatively short course which is offered for a minimal amount of money and can offer real savings over the years.

Multi-Line Discounts are often available if the company insures both your automobile and home. Insurance companies love to have all of your policies and will offer you lower premiums to convince you to bring them all of your business.

Limited Driving Discounts are available to drivers 75 years old and over if they only drive during daylight hours.

Good Driver Discounts are available to students who are ranked in the top 20% of their class, maintain a “B” average, and qualify for the Dean’s List or honor roll. Read also: Two cheap auto insurance tips to follow.

There are additional discounts so this should be discussed with your insurance agent. The discounts that will be available to you are often determined by the state you reside in and the company who carries your insurance policy.


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