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How to Obtain an Insurance Broker’s License in Texas

The Texas Department of Insurance requires its insurance professionals to obtain a broker’s license in order to conduct business in the state. If you wish to represent policy holders or insurance companies as you transact business as an insurance professional, you will have to get a broker’s license. With a combination of using online technology and conveniently located testing facilities, the Texas Department of Insurance has streamlined the process. The streamlined process makes it much easier for candidates to obtain a license.

Texas Insurance License State Requirements

Determine the type of insurance broker’s license you want to obtain. Texas has several types of insurance broker licenses. Determine if you want to become licensed to transact commercial lines insurance (property and casualty), personal lines or life accident and health license. Texas also offers several specialty insurance brokerage licenses. To see the full listing of insurance licenses available in Texas, visit the Texas Department of Insurance website. Read also: Tips for Getting a Good Homeowners Insurance Rate in Texas.

Satisfy the age requirement. No matter which insurance broker’s license you want to obtain, you must be at least 18 years of age in order to become licensed in Texas.

Study for the state licensing exam. Texas does not have an educational pre licensing requirement. It is possible to sit for the licensing exam without taking insurance courses. That being said, it is much easier to pass the licensing exam if you take courses on the topics for which you want to become licensed.

Take the licensing exam. The Texas Department of Insurance has contracted with Prometric ( to administer the state’s insurance licensing exams. To schedule an exam either visit their website or call their toll free number 888-267-4055. Although you can schedule the test online, you must find a test exam center in order to sit for the exam. You can find exam centers via the Prometric website.

Get fingerprinted. All applicants who wish to receive a Texas insurance broker’s license must get fingerprinted. Electronic fingerprinting is done at Prometric locations, but to set up an appointment you must contact L1 Enrollment. You can set the appointment by calling them at 888-467-2080. Once completed, Prometric will forward your fingerprints to the Texas Department of Insurance.

Complete the licensing application and mail it to Oak Hill Technology. Once you have successfully passed the licensing exam and have been fingerprinted, you must complete the 8 page licensing application. The application must be signed, notarized and mailed to: Oak Hill Technology, ATTN: Texas Insurance Application, 4544 South Lamar, Suite 710, Austin, TX 78745. Read also: Training to Become a Licensed Insurance Professional.


  • There are fees associated with taking the exam, fingerprinting and filing the licensing application. Since fees are subject to change, it’s best to visit each of the websites for the latest fee structure.


  • Do not throw your receipts away. You’ll need to attach a copy of your fingerprinting receipt to your licensing application.


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