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Do I need a Lawyer For Workers Compensation Claims

If you're injured while performing your job, you're entitled to compensation. Workers compensation laws are designed to protect your interests (and those of your dependents) while you're in the workplace. Each state has established such laws to help ensure that people don't lose their livelihood as a result of job-related injuries or disabilities. But, filing a claim and qualifying for the appropriate compensation can be complicated. In this article, we'll explore whether you need to hire a lawyer to get the compensation you deserve from a workplace injury. Read also: What's Covered Under Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy.

Should I Hire a Workers' Comp Attorney?

Filing A Claim

If you're injured while at your job, file as soon as possible. The more time that passes after you're injured or disabled, the less justifiable your claim becomes. Give your employer as much information as possible. That includes the names of witnesses and details regarding your injury. Once you file your claim with your employer, follow up with your state's workers compensation board. You need to make sure your employer has filed the required documents. If your claim is accepted (that is, undisputed by your employer), you'll begin receiving compensation immediately.

When You Need A Workers Compensation Lawyer

Often, employers will dispute a workers compensation claim. Or worse, they'll try to discourage the employee from filing the claim, subtly suggesting that doing so may impact their future with the employer. Alternatively, employers may accept the claim but offer compensation far below that which is appropriate for the injury or disability sustained. Read also: Homeowner Insurance Claims.

First, if an employer disputes or rejects your claim, you should consider hiring a workers compensation lawyer. You're entitled to compensation. Many employers reject such claims, hoping that the employee won't pursue the matter. Second, you need to hire a lawyer if your employer threatens to fire you or otherwise retaliate for your filing a claim. It's against the law for them to do so. Last, if the amount of compensation offered to you by your employer isn't sufficient for the injury or disability you've sustained, you should consider having a lawyer review your case. There's a good chance they can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

Finding Legal Help For Your Workers Compensation Claim

As employers seek to aggressively cut costs and become more competitive, the compensation offered to employees who are injured can often be startling low. But, you have rights to an appropriate level of compensation if you're injured or disabled on the job. If you decide to hire a lawyer to review your case, you need to find someone who is experienced with workers compensation cases. They need to be powerful negotiators. If negotiations between your lawyer and your employer deteriorate, they also need to be effective litigators. Workers compensation laws exist to protect your rights. Having a well-trained lawyer on your side helps to ensure that protection. Read also: The Appropriate Coverage Amount For Your Insurance Policy.


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