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Arizona Automobile Insurance

Getting a great auto insurance rate in Arizona is not hard to do with a little planning, a little research and know what the insurance companies are looking for.

Arizona Automobile Insurance

There are ways to get competitive rates on Arizona automobile insurance. It takes a little ingenuity, knowledge and planning. Before soliciting automobile insurance, however, visit the Arizona Department of Insurance website to find out the list of insurers licensed to business in the state. Once equipped with the list of acceptable insures, review the list below for tips on how to get the best Arizona automobile rate:

  • Good Credit: According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, insurance companies are allowed to review credit reports unbeknownst to the policy holder and use it a s a factor in determining premium. Insurance companies have found that statically, there is a direct relationship between an insured's credit behavior and the likelihood of submitting claims. They have found that responsible people with good credit are less likely to submit frequent and or severe losses. Before shopping for auto insurance in Arizona, it would make since to perform a credit audit to ensure it accurately depicts the credit profile. Read also: Lowering New Jersey Automobile Insurance Cost.

  • Be Honest: Arizona's 60-day discovery period enables insurance companies to cancel an insurance policy for non-demographic reasons (race, religion, ethnicity, location, color). If an applicant lies on the initial application and the insurance company becomes aware, by law, they may cancel the policy.

  • Driver's Education: Many companies offer discounts for approved driver education/safety classes. A few hours in a classroom will not only sharpen a driver's skills; it can translate into a few dollars shaved from the automobile premium. A word of advice. Before signing up with an institution to take a class, make sure it is one recognized by the insurance company.

  • Multi-Line Discount: Insuring more than one line of coverage with the same insurer translates into discounts. Therefore it makes since to insure vehicles with the same carrier that is insuring a homeowners or renters policy. When soliciting new insurance bids, it may make since to shop the entire package of homeowners and auto at one time. It pays to get competitive quotes.

  • Vehicle Safety Features: A vehicle with built in safety features such as anti-lock brakes, automatic seatbelts, passive alarm systems and air bags are looked upon more favorably than those without and thus may benefit by receiving premium discounts for such features.

  • Driving Record: Companies like ChoicePoint which provide a database of loss information for Arizona automobile insurance companies. When permission is given to the insurance company to review an applicant's loss information for the prior 5 years, companies like Choice Point provide the information. Although this may be a great tool for the insurance company, there are times when reports were known to have errors. As an applicant, request a copy of the information for verification as to its accuracy. Read also: Teen Drivers and Auto Insurance Rates.

  • Quit Smoking: Non-smokers are looked upon as a more favorable risk than smokers, even in automobile insurance rating.

  • Ask for Discounts: Who knows more about the available discounts an insurance company has to offer better than the insurance agent. Talk to the agent at length. For example, a discussion involving teen drivers may jog the agent into inquiring about the student's grades. Many insurance companies offer discounts to high school students with grades of B or better. Take the few extra minutes to have a discussion with the agent; don't leave discounts on the table.

  • Shop Around: The internet has made this step very easy. Armed with the above information, go out and get your competitive Arizona automobile insurance rate. Good Luck.


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