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Car Insurance Coverage for Imperfect Drivers

California residents with less than perfect driving records who are shopping for auto insurance should take a look at coverages offered through Survival Ins Brokerage.

Car Insurance Coverage for Imperfect Drivers

Survival Insurance Brokers not only provide auto insurance, but they offer health, homeowners and life insurance options too. However, according to their website, it appears that auto, motorcycle, RV and the like are their specialty. Read also: New Jersey Basic Automobile Insurance Policy.

As an insurance broker, they represent the insured not the insurance company. Unlike an insurance agent who represents the insurance company brokers have the ability to approach several insurance companies while still representing the insured.

Survival Auto Insurance Policies

Rates: As an insurance brokerage firm they do not have the authority to promulgate and set automobile insurance rates. However, they can and do shop for the most competitive auto rates and programs to fit their insured's needs. Survival also remains actively involved in the claims process and works to ensure the fair and full payment of any auto insurance claim.

Guarantee: Survival Insurance Brokerage offers its clients written guarantees that they are providing the lowest possible rate for any insurance they place. If the insured finds a lower auto quote within five days of binding coverage with Survival, Survival will refund the difference. Of course the guarantee is subject to certain terms and conditions and the auto insurance buyer should carefully review the coverage and guarantee prior to binding coverage.

Types of Autos and Drivers Insured

There appears to be no limitation on the type of vehicle or driver Survival is willing to ensure. Old cars (in excess of 20 years old), exotic autos, non US licensed drivers and difficult to insure drivers with multiple violations do not seem to phase or deter Survival from providing an automobile insurance quote. Read also: Renting Cars for Business or Pleasure.

If the survival car insurance program sounds too good to be true, put them to the test. Obtain an auto insurance quote by calling the toll-free number at 1-888-787-8482 or use their online auto quote feature on their website. Keep in mind, however, that Survival Insurance Brokerage services are only available to California residents.

Words of Advice for the Auto Insurance Buyer

Whether obtaining an auto insurance quote from Survival or any other insurance organization, be sure to shop around with several companies to gain a good baseline for comparison. Typically using an online auto insurance carrier in addition to getting a quote from a local broker/agent gives insurance shoppers a better feel for the insurance market.

Additionally, be sure to compare auto insurance quotes on an apples-to-apples basis. In other words, make sure the limits, deductibles and coverages are the same. After analyzing the coverages on an even playing field, request additional coverages and/or limits if necessary to see how each insurance carrier responds. Read also: Auto Insurance Factors and Buying a New Car.


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