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Car Insurance Quotes - How to Compare Car Insurance

Buying car insurance can be taxing and the cheapest car insurance may not be best. However, there are some fundamentals to guide car insurance comparison.

Car Insurance Quotes
Car Insurance Quotes

When buying car insurance, two things crucial to getting the best policy at the best price. Get a number of quotes and make a fair and sensible comparison. As with home and contents insurance, the cheapest car insurance is not always the best. The cheapest car insurance may not have the features a policyholder requires and, conversely, the most expensive may well carry features irrelevant to the policyholder. Read also: States Determine Minimum Limits for Car Insurance Policies.

Obtaining quotes for car insurance doesn’t need to be a time consuming process. These days, this can even be done online, with most major insurance companies offering online car insurance quotes. Taking the time to obtain a number of car insurance quotes for comparison is crucial.

Once a number of quotes are in hand, it’s then time to compare car insurance offered in those quotes and make an informed decision on the policy that offers the most appropriate features, at the most reasonable price. Following are a few basic policy features on which to compare car insurance quotes.

Car Insurance Excesses

The car insurance excess, or deductible, is the amount a policyholder will pay to the insurance company at the time of a claim. Invariably a trade-off exists between the cost of a car insurance policy and the excesses or deductions that apply. Considering the excess that will apply at the time of a claim can be a key consideration in trying to find car insurance at the right price with the right features.

When making a comparison between car insurance quotes, consider the following questions in relation to excesses:

  • Is an additional excess applicable if the driver at the time of the accident is not the policyholder?
  • Does an additional excess apply if the driver at the time of an accident is under 25 years old?
  • Will an excess be applicable if the policyholder is not at fault in an accidentCan the excess to apply be chosen by the policy holder, with a higher chosen excess resulting in a cheaper insurance policy?

Read the car insurance quotes carefully in relation to excesses. The cheapest car insurance might be $100 cheaper, but the excesses that apply to that policy may be more than $2000 different to the comparable policies.

New Car Replacement

Another difference between car insurance policies is the conditions around new car replacement. Some companies, if the insured car is a brand new, will replace that car in the event of a write-off or theft with a brand new vehicle.

New car replacement is a substantial benefit, but conditions on this feature will vary between insurance companies. Some will only offer the benefit for 1 year, others for a number of years.

When obtaining online car insurance quotes, the insurance company will usually provide links to the policy document. It’s worth taking the time to have a look and consider the details of any new car replacement clauses. Read also: How to Get the Best European Car Breakdown Cover.

Safe Driver Discounts

When trying to compare car insurance, take a close look at what policy discounts apply for safe drivers and drivers who take education courses. Some insurance companies will provide discounts to drivers who have completed a defensive driving course or other forms of driver education.

Again, when obtaining online car insurance quotes, use the links provided to take a look at the policy. Safe driver discounts can make a significant difference to car insurance prices, so check the details.

After-Market Accessories

When trying to find the car insurance that offers best value, another important thing to check when making a car insurance comparison is whether the policies being compared cover after-market accessories. After-market accessories refer to anything that is added to a vehicle after it has been purchased, including alloy mag wheels, stereo head units and speakers and seat covers.

A car insurance policy that covers after-market accessories may cost a little more, but it may well be worth it when it comes to making a claim. Again, the cheapest car insurance may not necessarily be the best if it does not cover after-market accessories.

Car insurance comparison can be challenging, but taking the time to do it properly can mean significant savings. To compare car insurance properly involves two key steps; firstly, obtain as many quotes as possible and, secondly, make valid comparisons of important features.

Above are only a few features to consider when trying to find car insurance that is value for money. Essentially, the key thing to remember is that insurance is a numbers games and insurance companies always make the numbers balance.

The cheapest car insurance usually has less policy features, a higher excess or both. The more pricy policies will have more features, but a policyholder may not need them all. So do the sums, make a fair comparison and make the right choice.


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