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What people can do when a car is declared total loss

If people have been in car accidents where their cars are a total loss, they may be under great stress. However, if insurance companies state that they are holding the payments back and dragging the heels on paying people the damages, then people’s stress levels will definitely go to higher levels.

car total loss

Fortunately, there are a few things that people can do for protecting themselves. For most of the people, owning cars is a basic necessity and having no money for buying a car can harm their ability to run their lives. If people are in this undesired situation, they should remember that they have a few options as well as resources at their disposal. Read also: What people can do after car accidents.

The 1st thing that they should know is that auto total losses are the process of negotiation, but not the ultimate number offered by insurance companies. The offers which insurance companies are putting in front of people are not the end, no matter what they say about the numbers. The process for getting the ultimate numbers that both people and insurance companies will accept can be complicated, but it is crucial that people know that they the rights for asserting.

They should also know that whatever negotiation happens between them and insurance providers, they can affect the final numbers.  How insurance companies try not to pay people the damages They have to know that body shops don’t receive any cash if the vehicles are auto total loss (ATL). Read also: St. Louis car accident injuries and seat belts.

It completely depends on the body shops’ interest for fixing the vehicles. Based on the insurance providers, cars are declared total loss only when the repairs cost more than seventy, eight, or ninety percent of the value of the vehicles. The value of the cars can be affected by a few factors such as age of the vehicle, general condition before the accident and mileage. All these will be added up via CCC Information Services Group, a company which almost all the insurance providers would go to for determining the real value of vehicles.

There are also other 3rd parties, but this one is very common.  People have rights to question insurance companies If people find that the 1st offers on total loss cars are not within the acceptable range, they can ask for a copy of the ATL report or the CCC report.

This can let people know what their vehicles are worth based on the reports from these 2 companies. People should not let the insurance providers to deny them these reports on technicalities, as according to the law, they have to give people these reports because they are the major pieces of information which they will be using for determining people’s payments. So, people can look at such aspects to find how important they are. Read also: Why You Want To Get A Help Of Auto Accident Attorney.

The aforesaid things might sound a little complicated to people who don’t have exposure to such things. When they are in trouble due to an accident, they can look for professional assistance. And, this can be done by getting in touch with a reliable attorney who has great experience in handling such cases. To find an attorney, people can go online.


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