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Lucky you're on it when hit a deer - car insurance comprehensive coverage

Those who suffered an accident involving deer can stay calm longer than they think they can afford to. October, November and December are known to be deer migrating months or mating season for deer. Therefore, Better Business Bureau and Insurance Information Institute suggest drivers to get to know their own insurances better and read them through again in order to not miss out on reimbursements or other benefits they are entitled to receive if they end up on the road with deer. Read also: Comprehending the peculiarities of your car insurance.

car insurance comprehensive coverage

Steve Cox , BBC spokesman said: "People on the road spend crazy amounts of money no their automobile insurances , but for some reason it usually happen so that they wait until they need to make a claim after their accident and have no idea what exactly their insurance is supposed to cover". Deer collisions is the major problem during the mating season and many people are complaining about it, that is why we find it important for car drivers to ask the representative in charge of their claim about their coverage and deductible they are going to receive, as well as any options that are included, so they get their money's worth and save themselves from trouble.

A non-profit organization, called the Insurance Information Institute, states that averagely, deer-vehicle collisions cost $2,800 per insurance claim; $10,000 if there is injury to the driver or a passenger. So just think of how important that news was to you. Read also: 6 Popular car insurance myths unveiled.

Comprehensive coverage is the only coverage that pays the drivers for the losses caused by a contact with animals and birds on the road. Most car owners that stick to the collision coverage find it hard to understand that their type of coverage will not cover an auto-deer collision. We should also add that insurance policies do not cover the cost of replacement rental car after an accident straight away.

It is totally up to you to decide which coverage you purchase. Nobody is going to push you towards making a certain decision. Carolyn Gorman says that the lender usually requires you to buy the comprehensive coverage until your car loan is paid off. She also says that comprehensive insurance can usually be sold with a $100 to $300 deductible.

But don't get us wrong. Some insurance companies will agree to provide the coverage for a replacement rental car, the drivers simply may not notice the difference as this optional coverage was added at such a minimal expense, usually just a couple of dollars a month. What it means is that the coverage accesses you a replacement rental car until the damaged car is fixed or the insurance company gives them a chance to get a brand new car.

Gap Coverage should also be taken into consideration. What does the Gap Coverage usually do? This coverage pays difference between the sum the insurance company pays for the totaled car and the sum the insured person owes on his lease or loan. If their car is totaled, drivers with this coverage may not have to continue making payments on the balance owed on the car. Without this coverage the driver is responsible for paying the remainder of their lease or loan in case of his car being totaled. Read also: What people should do if they are in an accident.

Before you did anything that could be considered as "wrong", here are some of the advices we are willing to grant in order for you to know that your auto insurance coverage is working on your benefit:

Do not hesitate to report the car damage. If you do it too late, you might lose time and money. If you can't drive your car no more, call your insurer and let him and his brigade take your car to the reparation facility. You should also agree with your insurance company or your agent on which car you will drive while your car is taken away from you.

Make sure you know about your deductible and any other additional costs before the actually reparation starts. You should ask your insurance company to come and judge the damages with you. All the repair process should be explained to you including the use of original or generic auto parts or any substitutions that might occur. Please remind yourself once again that you should be aware of the additional charges you will be required to pay once the repair process is over.

Warranties are a major worry. Do not feel ashamed to ask once, twice or as much as you need about the warranties on repaired elements. Ask whether your insurance company or your agent has a repair facility referral program that offers a written limited or lifetime repair warranty backed both by the repairer and insurer for as long as you own your vehicle. Read also: How people can make accident claims.


You should only do business with a trustworthy company. Sometimes people fall in for weird traps and wonder how they ended up in such mess. If something tells you the company is not good it is smart to double-check on it or ask for an advice.

Nowadays Better Business Bureau and the Insurance Information Institute have come up with a program that will make drivers review their insurance policies annually. This way both the Institute and drivers will know they have sufficient coverage on the road. Both the Insurance Information Institute and Better Business Bureau advise the car owners to make sure they have the coverage they want and need for the right amount of money. It is important to know you are totally safe even when you end up meeting a couple of deer on the road.


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