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Insurance and Car Accidents

Experiencing a car accident can be very frightening, especially if you sustained injuries. How will you receive treatment? How will you pay for the costs?

How does insurance work with car accident?

Many of us are familiar with the severe degree of injuries that can be caused by car accidents. According to Queller, Fisher, Washor, Fuchs & Kool, New York car accident attorneys, the injuries may include amputations, brain damage, internal bleeding, and many other life-threatening injuries. Such injuries require substantial medical treatments and are very costly. Read also: Auto insurance terminology.

Problems with insurance companies

For many, the assumption is that the insurance company will cover the costs of medical treatments accrued from the injuries. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. According to Baltimore car accident lawyers, Gilman and Bedigian, because insurance companies have shareholders and are ultimately a business, their priority is to keep their profits. The New Mexico car accident attorneys at McGraw & Strickland agree and share that many insurance companies receive more money when they deny someone a claim.

This mindset is extremely harmful. When interviewing you regarding the accident, they may ask you misleading questions or change your story just enough to make it look like the accident was your fault. It’s unfortunate, but they may try to use your vulnerability against you. Read also: Choosing The Coverage Amounts And Proper Deductibles.

How can a personal injury lawyer help?

With the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer, you will not have to be a victim if the insurance companies’ tactics. The personal injury lawyers at Leeseberg & Valentine will work with your insurance company directly do you don’t have to and help you receive the compensation you need to move on from your injuries.

Where should you go for a personal injury attorney?

Some people are nervous about going to a lawyer to handle their insurance companies. After all, even if you are not paying the insurance companies, aren’t you paying the lawyer? Not always. Many personal injury lawyers like the San Francisco car accident attorneys at Strick Law Offices work on a contingency basis, which means that you will not pay attorney fees unless the obtain compensation for you. Read also: How to get discounts on your car insurance.

If you are not sure where to go for legal advice, consider talking to a Lawyer Referral Service like the Bar Association of San Francisco, the Brooklyn Bar Association, the Riverside County Bar Association, or the Chicago Bar Association.


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