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Becoming a Licensed Insurance Producer in Maine

The Maine Bureau of Insurance requires its insurance professionals to pass the state licensing exam in order to transact insurance business for a fee.

Becoming a Licensed Insurance Producer in Maine

Insurance professionals in Maine have an option of three different categories of insurance licenses; a producer license, consultant license and an adjuster’s license (there are subcategories therein). Read also: Insurance Policy Valuation: Which is best?

Maine Insurance Pre-Licensing Education Requirements

In the past, Maine had a 16 credit hour pre-licensing education requirement for its resident producers. This requirement changed on September 20, 2007, when the Bureau of Insurance repealed the requirement. As it stands now, there is no pre-licensing education requirement for producers or adjusters. Consultants, however, must have at least 5 years of experience in the field for which they are seeking a consultant’s license.

Before taking the state licensing exam consultants must have a fully executed Experience Affidavit form. Without this form, you will be turned away at the exam center and will be unable to take the exam (the Experience Affidavit is available in the Maine Insurance Licensing Candidate Handbook which is discussed later in this article).

When you return to the testing center to take the exam with the fully executed Experience Affidavit in hand, be prepared to pay an additional fee for not having the fully executed form the first time around. Read also: Negotiating for Higher Insurance Claim Payments.

Maine State Insurance Licensing Exam

Maine’s state insurance licensing exams are administered through Pearson Vue ( You must register at the Pearson Vue site in order to schedule the exam. There are four testing centers (Bangor, Westbrook, Boston, MA and Springfield, MA) and as of January 2011, the fee for taking the exam is $73.

While you’re on the Pearson Vue website, download the Candidate Handbook and the Content Outlines documents. The Candidate Handbook is a step by step instruction booklet providing all of the necessary information required for state taking the state exam. In the back of the Candidate Handbook is where you’ll find the Experience Affidavit form mentioned above.

The Content Outlines booklet provides detailed information on the types of questions you’ll find all three types of exams, the adjuster, consultant and producer. These documents are free and will prove to be a great resource in helping you pass the Maine insurance licensing exam. Read also: Do I need a Lawyer For Workers Compensation Claims.

Applying for the Maine Insurance License

After you have successfully passed the state exam, you can apply for your Maine insurance license by visiting in Maine Bureau of Insurance and accessing the Producer Licensure page. There you’ll find the option to complete the application electronically or download and print it for mailing.

Please be advised that there are fees associated with completing the application. Since these are subject to change, it’s best to review the latest fee schedule prior to submitting your application.

Once the state has received and reviewed the passing exam scores and application, they will issue the insurance license. Licenses are valid for a period of two years. During the two years of licensure you must take 24 credits of continuing education courses. You won’t be able to renew your Maine insurance license if you fail to fulfill the continuing education requirement.


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