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Get Auto Insurance Discounts to Lower Premiums for Coverage

Drivers are always trying to find ways to save money on car insurance. Qualifying for discounts is an easy way to lower premiums for coverage.

Auto Insurance Discounts
Auto Insurance Discounts

There are several ways to get auto insurance discounts, which directly lower the costs of car insurance. Although shopping around for online quotes is an excellent starting point in anyone's quest to save on coverage, many companies offer insurance discounts that can overwhelm the amount of money saved by simply switching agencies. Following are some tips for qualifying for discounts that lower the costs of coverage. Read also: Discount Auto Insurance – is it right for you?

Get Auto Insurance Discounts by Building an Extended Policy

Many agencies offer very basic, but certainly beneficial discounts to drivers who extend coverage under a single policy. If a single automobile is covered, adding a second car, or even another entity (home, boat, motorcycle, life, business) to be insured by the same company, providing that the agency covers such entities, will often result in a major insurance discount. It is easy to find out (via a short phone call or email) whether or not certain agencies offer such discounts for expanded coverages, but when they do, uniting different policies under a single insurer can be an easy way to save money on auto insurance with multiple policy discounts.

Safe Driver Discounts to Lower Premiums for Coverage

Driving safely, particularly for young drivers, is the most passive way to qualify for discounts on insurance. Most major agencies reward their best clients for safe driving, which can be defined as any predetermined period without any at-fault accidents. Driving well can also result in extra insurance benefits, such as accident forgiveness (which prevents an insurance discount from being lost after an overall safe driver causes an accident for the first time in a while). Discounts and the popular car insurance incentive, used as marketing by many agencies (accident forgiveness), both result from a driver's great driving record. Read also: Auto Insurance Economics.

Get Car Insurance Discounts by Being Proactive

There are also several ways to qualify for lower premiums that go beyond simply driving well. Drivers who attend, of their own free will (and not as a result from a traffic violation), safe driving classes that teach about such subjects as defensive driving are often granted insurance rewards, in the form of low rates.

Modifying a vehicle (or vehicles) that are covered by a particular policy is another way to get auto insurance discounts. Adding anti-theft features, anti-lock brakes, and safety devices such as premium seatbelts and airbags can to lead long term savings with discounted monthly premium rates. Depending on the agency, any of these steps can lead to low cost car insurance and a better overall sense of security.

Qualifying for insurance discounts sometimes requires little more than a phone call to the agency. Different providers offer different discounts, which themselves may very from state to state, but anyone looking to find cheaper coverage for the car should be able to find something that results in discounted insurance.


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